Romana Cake House

Online cake shop

Romana Cake House is a family owned and operated European bakery. The bakery represents the embodiment of a lifetime passion for baking and creating the highest quality desserts by using only the finest natural ingredients.

Portofolio website
Omibit created a modern, truly crafted website design that showcases and celebrates Romana Cake House’ delicious pastries, desserts & cakes. We used various shades of the radiating color red together with beautiful, high quality cake images that support and strengthen loyalty to the brand. All cakes have price, size, description, an “Add to wishlist” feature or “ Add to cart” button.


Once convinced and inspired by the cakes collection, ordering a product is an one-click, simple, speedy action. Omibit developed an e-commerce system to fully fit Romana Cake House needs. Simple, clean, very accessible yet secure and trustful, following a logical navigation path, this e-commerce system is ideal for small size business adding value and utility to the online experience.